Alice Chandler: Privet
Victoria Lucas: The Strata of Things


#1 Alice Chandler: Stem
#2 Victoria Lucas: A Quarry

Alice Chandler: Privet Publication Victoria Lucas: The Strata of Things Publication

Review of The Strata of Things by Uthra Rajgopal

Threshold is an artist-led space for sculpture, located in the front garden of a traditional back-to-back house in Burley, Leeds.


Threshold Editions

Artists who are exhibiting at Threshold are invited to make a small limited-edition sculpture that is connected to their exhibition and intended for the home.  Threshold Editions aims to be an affordable model for buying contemporary sculpture, supporting artists and funding future exhibitions. 

Sales of sculpture editions are divided equally between the artist and Threshold, where it will go into funding future programming.

Each purchase directly supports the development of the artist’s practice and creates opportunities for other artists. 

Subscribers to our newsletter recieve advance notice of each edition and the opportunity to purchase a work 2 days before editions are launched publicly. 

If you would like advance notice of the editions, please subscribe to our mailing list.