Alice Chandler: Privet


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Threshold is an artist-led space for sculpture, located in the front garden of a traditional back-to-back house in Burley, Leeds.



Alice Chandler

24 April - 23 May 2021*

Encountering Objects, Encountering Place, 2018. Image courtesy of Alice Chandler.

Threshold is launching on 24 April 2021 with Privet, an exhibition of new work by Alice Chandler that explores connections between plants and textiles, sculpture and language, and creates narratives that link commonplace objects together.

In The Pleasure of the Text, Roland Barthes reminds us of the etymology of the word ‘text’ and its connection to textile and texture, weaving and binding. Inspired by Barthes etymological process in Privet, Chandler investigates the common privet hedge, its myths, histories and aesthetic qualities, to create new sculptural works. Her ongoing research into this plant has generated a number of sculptural possibilities exploring mazes, mosaics, patchwork, and the glass bottle colours of foliage. Two new outdoor sculptures will be exhibited alongside a new edition and publication for Threshold Editions.

Alice Chandler (b. Leeds) is an artist living and working in Leeds. Chandler’s practice is informed by the intersection between art, craft and design. She creates sculptural objects and site-specific, installations that build narrative and interrogate our relationship with the domestic, functional and wearable. Utilising various craft processes, she makes objects that, dependent on display and context, can be at once sculptural, functional, or decorative.

Chandler graduated from Edinburgh College of Art BA Sculpture in 2015, and is currently working towards an MA in Art Gallery and Museum Studies at University of Leeds. Chandler was selected for the Tetley Associate Artist’s Programme 2018/19 and YSI Sculpture Network in 2020. Recent exhibitions include: Sitting Show, East Bristol Contemporary (2019); Encountering Objects, Encountering Place, Assembly House, Leeds (2018); Mantel, Copperfield Gallery, London (2018); Lick and a Promise, The Trophy Room, Royal Standard Liverpool (2017); and General Studies, Outpost, Norwich (2016).

Privet is curated by Julia McKinlay.

* To avoid potential overcrowding, we are asking visitors during the opening weekend, 24 and 25 April, to book a time slot through Eventbrite. If you would like to visit Privet on 24 or 25 April, please book here

Booking is not currently necessary for the rest of the exhibtion. 

Privet in progress:

Images courtesy of Alice Chandler